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Lovelock “Brownfields” project hosts virtual visioning tour

by Nevada State News

LOVELOCKFour key parcels in downtown Lovelock are the subject of a virtual visioning tour to gather community input for their reuse and redevelopment through a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “Brownfields” grant.

The purpose of the EPA grant is to assess and clear Brownfield properties, which can include properties that are vacant, or are abandoned or underutilized sites that may suffer from real or perceived contamination.

The parcels under considerate are on Cornell Ave., Main Street and 11th Street, including the site of a major blaze that destroyed three historic buildings in November 2019. 

“Community outreach and engagement are crucial elements of the Lovelock/Pershing Brownfields Initiative,” said Sheryl Gonzales, Executive Director for the Western Nevada Development District which applied for the monies and manages the project with the Pershing County Economic Development Authority.

Local leaders said they hope the community can collaborate on solutions that will create a shared vision for re-development and infrastructure needs in what’s considered a core part of town. They’re also looking to create both economic opportunities and a healthier community.

The virtual tour begins at www.lovelovelock.com and takes less than 10 minutes, with a video of each site on the tour. Participants can answer questions and are presented open dialogue opportunities after each stop.

The on-line Visioning Tour will remain open through Aug. 1.

For more information contact Sheryl Gonzales, Executive Director of the Western Nevada Development District at (775) 473-6753 or via email at sgonzales@wndd.org, or Heidi E. Lusby-Angvick, Executive Director of the Pershing County Economic Development Authority at (775) 273-4909 or by e-mail at pceda.hlusby@gmail.com.

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