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BLM to conduct Humboldt House Medusahead control project

by Nevada State News
IMAGE: Rye Patch Reservoir, courtesy Nevada State Parks.

WINNEMUCCA –The Bureau of Land Management will restore rangeland invaded by annual grasses in a control project in the Humboldt Range. The project will reduce Medusahead rye and Cheatgrass, which will help to reduce susceptibility to wildfire and promote healthy landscapes adjacent to Greater Sage Grouse habitat.

Approximately 2,820 acres of invasive annuals will be treated with chemical herbicide to prepare for subsequent seeding treatments to reduce the prevalence of invasive species. Pre-emergent herbicide (Imazapic) will be used to reduce the abundance of invasive annual grasses before seeding implementation.

This project will be multi-phased with approximately 1000 acres treated annually.  

Herbicide treatments would be implemented by either aircraft, tractor, truck, UTV, or backpack sprayer depending on plant distributions and terrain limitations. Rangeland drill, aerial application, and/or tractor/UTV broadcast will be utilized for restorative seeding treatments.

Proposed treatments would be west of the Humboldt Range and east if I-80 within the Humboldt House and Rye Patch grazing allotments. Treatment would begin in September of 2020 and continue annually until the project area is fully treated.

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