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Extension specialist works to maintain Nevada rangelands

by Nevada State News

ELKO — The University of Nevada, Reno’s Extension service recently welcomed Paul Meiman to Nevada as the specialist for rangeland livestock and wildlife interactions.

Meiman works out of  the Extension office in Elko and has responsibilities primarily throughout northern Nevada.  

His main focus is on promoting and supporting effective management of rangelands in northern Nevada to maintain or improve plant communities to better support rangeland animals.

“It’s so great to be back in Extension,” Meiman said. “I love being able to get out of the office and connect with people who manage rangelands. I’m learning a lot right now about what is happening in northern Nevada and how I can make an impact and best support efforts to improve rangeland management here – even in instances where it is already pretty good.”   

Meiman said he plans to work with ranchers who have Bureau of Land Management or Forest Service grazing permits on how to best monitor rangelands cooperatively with the agencies to support their management decisions.

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