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BLM approves restoration project in Eureka County

by Nevada State News

BATTLE MOUNTAIN — Up to 127,000 acres of the 3 Bars ecosystem project area will be restored by the Bureau of Land Management. Located in central Eureka County, northwest of Eureka, the area is an important cultural and recreational resource for Nevada residents and visitors.

The goal of the 3 Bars Ecosystem and Landscape Restoration Project is to develop the ecosystem into a sustainable, healthy, and resilient landscape, emphasizing wildlife habitat, range health, and reduce the potential for catastrophic wildfire. Possible treatment methods include manual, mechanical, and biological control treatments, such as targeted grazing, prescribed fire, wildland fire for resource benefit, and other management actions.

“The 3 Bars ecosystem is a vital part of the landscape, wildlife, and communities it sustains in this part of the West. It provides important habitat for mule deer, Lahontan cutthroat trout, and numerous other fish and wildlife species,” said BLM Deputy Director for Policy and Programs William Perry Pendley. “This is why we’re so excited about this restoration project.”  

To view the full Record of Decision, visit https://bit.ly/33YWuwg.

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