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AG Ford warns of Coronavirus scams

by Nevada State News

CARSON CITY — Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford warned consumers today to be on the alert for scammers looking to take advantage of fear surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Such scams include fake products or stealing your money or personal information. Fraudsters may use text messages, social media and emails to promote these scams, Ford said.

“Nevadans should be assured that your leaders and healthcare providers are working hard every day to keep you safe and healthy,” Ford said. “In addition to the hygiene precautions Nevadans are encouraged to take, my office reminds you to be cautious of scammers trying to capitalize on your uncertainty. Learn how to protect yourself with these tips and look to my office as a resource.”

As with other phishing scams, AG Ford and his Bureau of Consumer Protection offer the following tips to protect your personal information and pockets:

  • Avoid clicking on links in emails or messages from people you don’t know. These links might download a virus, or redirect to a site that was created to steal your personal information. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date;
  • Be wary of emails and posts claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or other experts. Up to date information will be provided on the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) websites;
  • Be cautious of online promotions for vaccines, treatments, or cures for coronavirus. If there were a medical breakthrough, it would not be advertised for the first time through a sales pitch; and
  • Conduct research before donating to charities or crowdfunding websites. Do not be rushed into making a donation. Be particularly on guard for those asking for donations through wire transfer, gift card or exclusively cash.

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